Investment objectives

Our investment philosophy centers around the belief that stock prices are driven by earnings and the expectations of earnings, and within the mid and small capitalization universe growth-oriented investments will provide the greatest potential for attractive returns. In addition, we belive companies in growth industries with competitive advantages, capable management teams and effective strategies will produce the strongest earnings and revenue growth.

We use a disciplined and focused process that emphasizes rigorous qualitative analysis, sophisticated quantitative evaluation and the prudent assessment of risk to achieve the goals of our clients.


Latest Features

Introductory Comment from Mr. Vladimir Draskovic, Portfolio Manager

Dear Shareholder,

We are pleased to announce the formation of FIMA SEE Activist fund. Through extensive analysis of Serbian and regional capital markets, management team of FIMA Invest has recognized the untapped potential of the small and mid-cap segment. By launching the FIMA SEE Activist fund we intent to achieve substantial diversification benefit for our clients and give them access to this high-potential market segment at appropriate risk levels.